Current Events, Governance, and Podcasts

Sustainability is a fast moving topic in fashion discourse – developments in technology, production, textiles, and new collaborations and businesses to address different aspects of the fashion ecosystem are constantly coming into being. With these new developments, there are also a variety of sources to stay up to date about those who are working in these efforts, and to learn from them and their journey into the fashion and sustainability space at large. Below are sources that aggregate current events in the industry, conferences, larger scale organizations, and podcasts to learn more about current developments and people doing the work. Many of these sources also include some great information about how individuals can get involved and affect the bigger picture.

Current Events

THE CONSCIOUS CLOSET: The Revolutionary Guide to Looking Good While Doing Good by Elizabeth L. Cline

This book was written to help readers build a wardrobe they love with greater intention and awareness of their clothes, where they come from, what they’re made out of, and why they matter.

– Book

– Fabric quality education

– Greening your laundry routine

– How to afford a conscious closet

– Experts discussions and opinions

Fashion Summit, Asia’s Sustainable Fashion Event

Fashion Summit is an annually organised 2-Day International Conference and Fashion Future Challenge Award. Playing a vital role in providing a sharing platform for participants from around the world to exchange insights on the latest sustainable fashion trends, technology, best practice, solutions, and opportunities.

– International conference, seminars and exhibitions

– Sustainable fashion design

– New technologies, innovation and the latest trends in the Fashion Industry

Futerra Sustainable Fashion Round Up Newsletter

Futerra is a sustainability consulting agency that works with a range of clients and industries to create sustainability strategy and growth. Each week, Futerra publishes a Sustainable Fashion Round Up Newsletter with articles about current events aggregated from a variety of sources. Visit their main website here, or subscribe to the newsletter here.

– Sustainable strategy

– Ethical consumption

– Current events

– Sustainable development

– Social impact


Redress is an environmental NGO, with a mission to prevent and transform textile waste to catalyse a circular economy and reduce fashion’s water, chemical and carbon footprints.

– Circular Economy

– Redress Design Award

– Industry engagement and collaboration

– Training and education

– ECF Circular Fashion Education Programme


UN Fashion Alliance

The United Nations Alliance for Sustainable Fashion is an initiative of United Nations agencies and allied organizations designed to contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals through coordinated action in the fashion sector.

– Fashion and Sustainable Development Goals

– ITC Ethical Fashion Initiative (EFI)

– Knowledge Platform

– Active Collaboration: outreach events, research and new guidelines


Business of Fashion

A weekly audio episode presenting thoughtful editorial stories and fashion-oriented perspectives in a fresh way.

Green Dreamer

A weekly audio episode presenting thoughtful editorial stories and fashion-oriented perspectives in a fresh way.

How to Save a Planet

Scientist and policy expert Dr. Ayana Elizabeth Johnson and journalist Alex Blumberg discuss different areas of sustainability and climate change.


Interviews with different people in the fashion supply chain about sustainability and the making of fashion.

Smart Creation Podcast

Interviews with different brands, organizations, and activists about how to make a more responsible fashion industry.

Wardrobe Crisis with Clair Press

Each week, host Clare Press interviews designers, change-makers, academics, creatives and fashion insiders about fashion, ethics, social justice and environmental sustainability.

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