• How CLO is Helping Fashion Designers Discover Their Creative Minds in a Digital Environment

    February 2, 2022 by

    At the beginning of the year, CLO received an invitation from the Design Incubation Program – also known as DIP – to introduce the software to their fashion designers. We also invited the participants to our CLO Hong Kong Public Workshop held the following week. We received an enormous response from participants and decided to collaborate on a project to support the fashion designers in visualizing their collections and implementing CLO into their business.  Where fashion designers go to grow DIP is a two-year program that helps startups from across the fashion world navigate and overcome challenges in the critical early stages of business development. The program offers financial support, mentorship, and networking opportunities to take fashion designer’s brands to the next level.  The Hong Kong Design Centre manages DIP, and Create Hong Kong (CreateHK) sponsors the program. CreateHK is a Government agency dedicated to spearheading the development of Hong Kong’s creative industries. Local emerging brands such as Somewhere Nowhere, Klockwise, Knitwarm, and V Visionary are alumni and current DIP members. Photo courtesy of Somewherenowhere, Klockwise, and V Visionary. CLO x DIP Collaboration We look forward to seeing the development and growth of each brand that we’ve helped with visualizing their collection. Our… Read more

  • Creation Fields: A Company set to Revolutionize the Fashion Industry with CLO 

    November 9, 2021 by

    3D product development reduces the total number of unnecessary garments being produced within apparel industry significantly – saving time, money, as well as reducing the overall environmental footprint. However, many brands still find challenges when it comes to initially implementing 3D into their pipeline. Creation Fields, which was founded by Eva Mattsson Culafic and Kristina Fürst Thiis, provides key competences to meet brands’ needs in order to support their 3D implementation journey. This includes product development, pattern construction, design, tailoring, and user-experience. The co-founders of Creation Fields have an immense amount of experience within the apparel industry and have built a broad and unique network within the world of CLO and 3D. The main aim of the Swedish-based company is to decrease the negative impact on the environment connected to fashion production, while also helping brands increase their margins, decrease their time-to-market and to work closer to the consumer – all through the use of CLO. With the current transformation of the industry, Creation Fields seeks to be the number one supplier of technical competences connected to these changes. We had the exciting opportunity to speak with Eva from Creation Fields in order to find out more about the company… Read more

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