• CLO Talent Incubator Programme: Meet Marvelous CLO Talents in Hong Kong

    September 29, 2022 by

    We held the first CLO Talent Incubator Programme in Hong Kong this summer. The programme aims to equip more talents with CLO knowledge for the industry, and to help the local companies having skilled talents to facilitate their CLO implementation under the upward trend of 3D technology and popularity of CLO in Hong Kong. The application for the programme started in June. There was an enthusiastic response during the application period, resulting in 10 talents successfully joining the programme. The programme includes 56-hour lessons in 8 full days, a final project and an online webinar, to cover the skills of making a wide range of fashion and textiles products, rendering and 3D presentation, and to showcase their achievements to the public. We are happy to meet 10 talents from different backgrounds, including fashion students, freelancers, merchandisers, fashion designers and graphic/multimedia designers. All of them could create very attractive final project results in CLO, which shows that CLO is user-friendly and suitable for all people with different levels of 3D understanding or garment making knowledge. It is very honoured to have 2 guest judges – Mavis Hui from Global Management Services Ltd., and Erik Tam from Newtimes (HK) Ltd, to give… Read more

  • CLO Academic Month: Jumpstarting a 3D Curriculum and Establishing a Roadmap

    August 31, 2022 by

    We wrapped up our second annual Academic Month in July. Similar to last year’s Academic Month, it was a testament to how schools are jumpstarting with 3D and overcoming challenges to successfully implement CLO into their curriculum. This year’s Academic Month highlighted five institutions including Design School Kolding, Manchester Metropolitan University, Trainstation, Institut Fran├žais de la Mode, and Istituto Europeo di Design. The schools presented what they’ve been teaching in CLO, why they decided to start using CLO, and what their students have created in the software thus far. Each institution highlighted key points in their roadmap to onboarding their students in the software. At Design School Kolding, for example, Christel Arnevik said that they began with a pilot project in order to better understand all the intricacies and software features. Surveys and questionnaires to test the Bachelor Program students’ 2D and digital capabilities were imperative so that they could understand how to establish a curriculum that would best suit the students’ needs. Upon receiving the results from each survey, they would construct courses and a tailored curriculum that aligned with areas that the students required the most help. The courses focused on relevant and contextual teaching, emphasizing “how-to’s”, and… Read more

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