The 4th 3D Creative Design Competition Comes to a Close, Attracting 584 Participants from 48 Countries

Our fourth Creative Design Competition, ‘3D Fashion Tech : Ready, Set, CLO! ‘ has officially come to a close, attracting a total of 584 participants from 48 countries around the world. 

Co-hosted with the Korea Textile Trade Association (KTTA), this annual competition is to promote 3D design methods and foster talented designers in the ever-growing demand for 3D technology in the fashion industry. 

This year we had 15 exceptional sponsors globally to support the event, including Adobe, Cherry Group, Dishang Group, F&F, Hansae, HT Fashion Group, HUGO BOSS, Jiangsu Sainty Corp., Ltd, LF, Mango, SAE-A Trading, Sejung, Stoll, TMI Group, and Wacom. 

Poster of the fourth Creative Design Competition

The theme of the competition was ‘New Definition of Craftsmanship’, where participants showed their creativity to define a new form of 3D fashion that combines digital elements with craftsmanship (and techniques) such as traditional and handicraft elements. 

Especially, Adobe Substance 3D offered a temporary free collection of 3D parametric materials on Substance 3D Assets library for this year’s competition, containing nine parametric fabrics and decals, along with 3D models. All fully compatible with CLO, it enabled participants to bring even more realism, flexibility, and creativity to their 3D artworks.

The panel of global judges

A total of 21 winners were chosen by a panel of 11 global judges from different fashion companies, and academic institutions. The Grand Award went to Da Hye Lim from the United Kingdom, with a prize of $6,600. The “Best Work” category winners were Yiran Zhou (CN), Taskin Goec (DE), and Jungin Park (KR), who received $2,500 respectively. 

Grand Award winner Da Hye Lim’s work

Best Work winners – Yiran Zhou, Taskin Goec, Jungin Park’s work (from left to right)

The “Design Award” went to five winners –Roberta Fabbri (IT), Flavia Bon (NL), 愉汶 张 (CN), Minseung Cho (KR), and Sean Barbour (UK)– with a prize of $1,650 each. Ten winners received the KTTA President Award with $415, and two were chosen to receive Wacom tablets through a lucky draw.

Design Award winners – Flavia Bon, 愉汶 张, Minseung Cho’s work (from left to right)
Design Award winners – Roberta Fabbri, Sean Barbour’s work (from left to right)

All the winners are also recognized by an official certificate of the award, and their design works are showcased on the official website:

“It’s fascinating to see the growing number of designers from all over the world who are interested in 3D design and technology. We will continue to hold competitions and events like this in response to global 3D design demand while taking the lead in continuously fostering and nurturing talented 3D designers,” said Chris Kim, VP of Business Development in CLO. 

Thank you to everyone who participated in our fourth Creative Design Competition. We will come back with another event next year, so please stay tuned until we meet again! 

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