CLO Talent Incubator Programme: Meet Marvelous CLO Talents in Hong Kong

We held the first CLO Talent Incubator Programme in Hong Kong this summer. The programme aims to equip more talents with CLO knowledge for the industry, and to help the local companies having skilled talents to facilitate their CLO implementation under the upward trend of 3D technology and popularity of CLO in Hong Kong.

The application for the programme started in June. There was an enthusiastic response during the application period, resulting in 10 talents successfully joining the programme. The programme includes 56-hour lessons in 8 full days, a final project and an online webinar, to cover the skills of making a wide range of fashion and textiles products, rendering and 3D presentation, and to showcase their achievements to the public.

Final Project Results of Talent Incubator Programme

We are happy to meet 10 talents from different backgrounds, including fashion students, freelancers, merchandisers, fashion designers and graphic/multimedia designers. All of them could create very attractive final project results in CLO, which shows that CLO is user-friendly and suitable for all people with different levels of 3D understanding or garment making knowledge.

Group Photos of 10 Participants and CLO Designers

It is very honoured to have 2 guest judges – Mavis Hui from Global Management Services Ltd., and Erik Tam from Newtimes (HK) Ltd, to give their valuable feedback on the final projects. Their feedback is counted to select the winners of Champion, 1st runner-up and 2nd runner-up, who are rewarded with encouraging cash prizes.

The winners are:

Champion – Chan Ka Chun

1st runner up – Ng Hoi Ki

2nd runner up – Yiu Wai Ching

Award ceremony: (From 3rd Left) Chan Ka Chun, Ng Hoi Ki, Yiu Wai Ching

“I have been self-learning 3D software. There is no official platform to learn 3D software but only online resources or videos organised by myself. Then I saw the promotion of this programme from CLO on the internet. It is my first time seeing the face-to-face lesson to learn 3D software” said Chan Ka Chun, the Champion of the programme and HKDI graduate with 2D graphic background, during his sharing in the online webinar.

Champion – Chan Ka Chun’s artwork

His final project is inspired by the official clothing in Ancient China. The graphic from official clothing in Ancient China is embroidered to the modern hoodie. “With the help from the CLO tutors, I know how to stitch and fix the seam line in CLO. I used another software to create the embroidery texture and got advice from them to export the embroidery to CLO” Chan Ka Chun said.

Close-up of Embroidery Details by Chan Ka Chun

Another winner, Ng Hoi Ki shared “The reason why I joined this programme is that my current company is using CLO, which can reduce the sample cost and be more environmentally friendly. I was also very excited to see the curriculum covering lingerie so I joined immediately.”

The 5-year experienced lingerie designer used her professional knowledge to create a set of Dita-Von-Teese-inspired corset and robe in CLO. She also used a glossy sheer fabric from CONNECT to the robe. By CLO in-built render, a fur trim and neon light effect are made to enhance the mood of the whole inspiration. “It is also fun to put make-up on the avatar’s face.” Ng Hoi Ki said.

1st runner up – Ng Hoi Ki’s artwork

Yiu Wai Ching, who is the lingerie garment technician, chooses to create a 3D outfit of another garment field – coat, in CLO. “Through these 8 lessons, I could learn how to make different types of garments such as bras, jackets, jeans and even toys. By making these products, I could learn the tips of stitching, trim and embroidery making, fabric and texture.” Yiu Wai Ching explained.

There are various elements in the 3-piece outfit, including the hardware trims, plastic headwear, mix of fabric materials from leather to mesh and many colorways. She used different functions in CLO to create the space-theme backdrop and lighting. “Overall I think it is very realistic.” Yiu Wai Ching said.

2nd Runner Up – Yiu Wai Ching’s artwork

All participants showcased their works in the online webinar to share their theme and the journey of making the outfit in CLO. It makes the whole webinar very fruitful and inspiring to the guest judges and the local companies.

The online webinar was wrapped up by Serena Kim – VP of Business Development in SEA and HK. She introduced more about the CLO related products from CLO3D, CLO-SET, CONNECT to JINNY and shared personal career development and 3D business opportunities through the programme to the participants and the audience.

We are all amazed by the effort of all the talents to make a high quality 3D presentation in a short period of time.

If you are interested in watching the Cantonese online webinar, you can go to .

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