From Concept to Creation: A Project by Damar Studio

Damar of Damar Studio stumbled upon the CLO software a little over a year ago. After researching CLO and acquiring more information, she downloaded the software and fell in love. “It’s really amazing! I’m in love,” Damar says. She continued, “Above all, at the industrial level, it can offer energy and quite large resource savings, which translates into a reduction in the environmental impact that fashion is causing.” Damar taught herself the software over the course of several months using YouTube tutorials, and attended a workshop in her city this past July which really helped strengthen her CLO skills. This also allowed for her first experimental start-to-finish project in the software to commence.

About the Project

The goal of this particular project was to design and create a dress for one of her friends who lives in another city and was celebrating a wedding. First, Damar entered her friend’s measurements to create an avatar. She then selected a fabric that was closest to the one she was using and designed and made the pattern of the dress directly in the program.

Lastly, she printed out the pattern, sewed the dress, and sent it off to her friend by mail. Damar was amazed when finding out the dress fit her friend perfectly being that she is accustomed to first having to use muslin––but that was not the case here. “Making a custom dress that fits perfectly without muslin is impossible,” she says. “This is undoubtedly the closest I have reached perfection without the need for previous tests and adjustments,” Damar continued.

Final Output

Upon completion of this project, Damar was more than pleased with the final output. When talking about how CLO’s software saved her time and resources Damar said, “The possibility to put your ideas into action without the need for external resources is one of its greatest strengths.” To see her full design process from start to finish, check out the video below:

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