CLO is Proud to Announce our 24 Global Power Users

3D visualization: @vas3dfashion via IG
3D Designer: @juancarlosthegreat via IG
Agency: @thediigitals via IG
Model: @dagny.gram via IG
Publication: @s_moda via IG

Here at CLO we always love to highlight our community of devoted users. CLOLLAB was created to allow users access to other expert 3D designers all across the globe. A particular group of users, referred to as power users, have made great contributions to CLOLLAB since its launch and have continued to excel in their working field. We are honored to feature the below 24 power users:

1. Bahar Ergul

“Many power users have had the opportunity to collaborate with each other on cool projects. I think this situation brings us closer to each other socially and also improves our CLO usage skills. I would like to thank CLO for creating a unifying and supportive area in a highly competitive industry like fashion.”

2. danielemanassero

“CLO looks like a 3D software but it’s far more than this. In reality it is a family full of lovely people ready to help each other. Being a power user, I feel more responsibility to help others and give back all the help I received.”

3. ditvvvrnv

“My favourite thing about CLO software is that there is no limit to what’s possible.”


“I love CLO3D because it allows me to see my projects in real time and see how they can be real. I believe we will wear our virtual clothes and save the world from pollution. I love being inspired by CLO users and inspiring.”

5. eswitzer

“I love diving into CLO and creating work that I wouldn’t be able to execute in reality. It’s very exciting to see your designs come to life without having to go through the physical production process.”

6. J Martinez

“As a Fashion 3D Designer focused on technologies that help the fashion industry become circular, I believe CLO is essential for this transition. I enjoy creating outstanding digital assets in CLO and developing innovative products for the most recognized brands in the world.”

7. JAK3D

“CLO is an amazing program and it’s really fun to make something out of it. In the future, I want to make more artistic and experimental design objects.”

8. janissne

“CLO3D gives me a unique design experience & creative freedom, where I can take control over every little detail of my concept ideas!”

9. Jin

“I have thought CLOLLAB to be a more professional platform, where you can share 3D work with experts, than any other one in this field. That’s why I love it and often use it. If I become a power user, that would make me very proud as a 3D designer.”


“With CLO I’ve been able to complete styles far ahead of regular production lead times saving time and money and thus achieving a competitive edge in the fast-paced design driven market.

11. light0green

“CLO realized my dream to visualize original fashion design with my 3D modeling background instead of my clumsy hands. Doing virtual fashion also frees me from consumption to express my vision about fashion and to define my second skin with limitless imagination.”

12. melindamanunta

“CLO3D has given me a strong purpose for my life. A valid tool for working professionally and realizing effective and creative projects at the same time. A great freedom! Thanks CLO3D!”

13. mponz

“We’re shaping the future of fashion – stay creative, go digital & be sustainable.”

14. neaapparel

“I highly appreciate that CLO3D gives me the possibility to visualize my ideas in a short time.
I’m very happy to be a part of the community and to get inspired by other CLO users.”

15. ottoline

“CLO3D integrates at the creative front end with almost any pattern CAD system bringing the ‘gold standard’ to virtual sample making through its ease of use, ability to detail & simulate fabric with photorealistic visuals that communicate & test garments early in market decisions.”

16. Pablo Quintana

“During tough times for all of humanity, we must stand strong. One way we can do that is to follow guidelines. With technology like CLO, we continue to produce goods for society and keep the wheels of the economy turning while we are responsible citizens.”

17. Pinar

“I am delighted to have been selected as a Power User. Working with traditional methods for more than 10 years as a designer & soft sculpture fabricator, using CLO has been like a dream. The way it shortens the design, creativity and production cycle enabled many opportunities for me. Thank you!”

18. puku

“CLO gave me a more creative way to express my ideas and always stirs my imagination!”

19. Rahul Verma

“I like working in CLO because it is one of a kind. It is a radical tool that did not exist in the past. It allows designers to express their creativity in unimaginable ways. The ease of learning and working in CLO and the photorealistic quality of the output is simply brilliant! As a self-taught CLO user, the title of ‘power user’ is a big achievement for me. I feel motivated to do even better work in the future and contribute to the community.”

20. Soohyun Ro

“CLO is a user friendly and creative tool for designers. Watching others work on CLOLLAB always inspires me. Thank you CLO for announcing me as a power user.”

21. sudolisa

“Being a CLO Power user is a great honor! 3D is a must for the fashion world and CLO is the best leader of all 3D creative dreamers!”

22. taisia

“I’m happy to be a part of CLOLLAB with all those pioneers who are bringing the digital future of fashion ahead! I believe that CLO3D is a perfect tool to make the fashion industry less toxic to our planet and more bright and clean.”

23. Vad

“Why do I love CLO? Now I don’t know how I can live without it. Firstly, this is my hobby. The best job is a high-paying hobby. In fact, there is a revolution. The world has changed and CLO is striving forward.”

24. Wannabe3D

“CLO is my best friend whom I meet everyday.”

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