Meshed Thoughts: How 3DLOOK Drives Garment Fit with Just Two Photos

In a world where customization and personalization are driving purchases and brand loyalty, understanding how garments fit the actual customer is critical to brand growth. Despite this, poor fit remains the number one reason for apparel returns. This is due to the lack of size standardization, confusion with different size charts and the lack of a simple process for consumers to measure themselves adequately. With customers increasingly shifting online and the global pandemic accelerating this behavior, there continues to be a steady increase in apparel return rates. This is not only detrimental to companies within the garment industry but also results in environmental pollution. 3DLOOK has built a fit technology to address this problem. The solution generates over 70 points of measurement and builds a unique 3D model from just two photos snapped by the consumer from their smartphone.

3DLOOK was founded by Vadim Rogovskiy, Alex Arapov, Ivan Makeev, and Whitney Cathcart with the vision of creating a digital passport for everyone who has a smartphone. The idea behind this passport is to help consumers easily solve everyday tasks that need body data – including online shopping, health and fitness tracking. The patented technology behind 3DLOOK uses a combination of computer vision, neural networks, and 3D statistical modeling to measure the human body using just two photos. Based on the problems mentioned above, it comes as no surprise that the fashion industry has been the first to adopt the body scanning technology and the demand continues to increase.

3DLOOK scanning process

As a result, 3DLOOK has launched two solutions specifically for the apparel industry:

  • Mobile Tailor: A contactless measuring solution which enables the made-to-measure and bespoke sector to instantly generate measurements of their consumers remotely. 
  • Size and Fit Recommendations: A software that maps customer body data with product data and fit data to deliver personalized size recommendations

All of the brand’s solutions generate 3D models of the end-user, which can be uploaded into 3D design softwares such as CLO. This allows designers to customize products according to each individual end-user and fit garments onto a greater segment of their actual customer base. In addition, body data generated by 3DLOOK’s solutions provide businesses with actionable insights to optimize design and product development processes. Apparel companies can get a better understanding of their consumer’s body shape instead of relying on a standard grading scale. The result is better-fitted garments, leading to fewer returns and reduced inventory. We had the opportunity to chat with the 3DLOOK founders about their solutions, how they have helped businesses amidst the current crisis and their visions for the future.

3DLOOK scanning process

When asking about the main benefits of 3DLOOK’s solutions for apparel brands, Vadim Rogovskiy, Co-founder and CEO, explained, “Offering the consumer a simple omnichannel experience to help find the best fit based on their unique body measurement and shape data maximizes confidence, increases brand loyalty, and elevates the digital journey. It helps boost conversions and decrease return rates, which is extremely important for businesses to prosper.” 

We also gained insights on how their solutions have helped made-to-measure businesses during the global pandemic, “During COVID, the made-to-measure sector was hit the hardest. For this sector, capturing accurate body data has always been a cumbersome process: both time-consuming and expensive. Additionally, manual measurements limit the opportunity for the business to expand as they are tied to a specific location. We saw a huge opportunity to create a simplified and affordable version of our enterprise solutions to support these businesses and their customers, and created Mobile Tailor – the very first self-service contactless body measuring solution that enables businesses to receive accurate body measurements remotely.”

3DLOOK dashboard

When asked about the company’s outlook into the future and about the digital transformation in the fashion industry, co-founder and CSO, Whitney Cathcart emphasized the importance of on-demand manufacturing, “We believe that trends in customization and personalization will continue to scale and that on-demand manufacturing will play a significant part in the future of fashion and retail. As innovations in 3D apparel design continue to evolve, we believe that virtual try-on and immersive experiences in AR, VR, and mixed reality will cause significant disruption to how we design, manufacture, and sell clothing over the next five years – and that consumer avatars will become their own digital asset, enabling an ecosystem of global digital design talent and new virtual commerce business models.”

3DLOOK’s long term visions is to create a market for body data by becoming the standard in mobile body scanning and 3D model generation as well as to enable the creation of more engaging and personalized customer experiences through their body measurement data and avatars.

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