The 3rd Creative Design Competition Comes to a Close With 19 Winners

Our third Creative Design Competition in partnership with the Korea Textile Trade Association has officially come to a close. This year’s competition saw a total of 703 participants from 67 countries around the globe. It also had an exceptional list of participating sponsors including, LF Hazzys, HUGO BOSS, Marc Cain, Pantone, Atacac Fashion Studio, Ciel Textile Ltd., Beijing Institute Of Fashion Technology, Hansae, INDG, SAE-A Trading, TMG Group, Wacom, and Youth Hightech.

Grand prize winner Yuen Huang’s work

As is the case with each design competition, we love to see the diverse talent and creativity of CLO users all across the world. This year’s contest had two challenges with the first one having a theme of Travel + Digital Emotions. This theme allowed participants to digitally express what it would look like if they were able to travel without the restrictions of COVID-19.

With 99 participants moving on to the second challenge, this round featured a theme of Life On Mars in the Metaverse. This allowed participants to reimagine an alternate life in the metaverse. 

Creative Design Competition
Panel of global judges

There were 19 winners chosen in the end by a panel of global judges. The grand prize winner, Yuen Huang, received $4,500 and an FHI Cotton Chip Set from Pantone. The “Best Work” category winners were Antonio Jimenez Alvarez, Maximilian Rabe, and Eunjin Lee, and they received $2,500. Zheng Chen, Alexandra Crupnova, HyeongJun Kim, Saneela Mehdi, and Jeong a Kim were each awarded $1,700 for winning the “Design” category. The remaining 10 winners received the KTTA President Award and $420.

Best Work winner Maximilian Rabe’s work
Best Work winner Eunjin Lee’s work

The participants who passed the first challenge were also allowed to submit a resume, which would be used for prospective participants to be offered internship opportunities from the global fashion companies sponsoring the competition.

Thank you to everyone who participated in our third Creative Design Competition and please stay tuned for the next one!

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