How CLO is Helping Fashion Designers Discover Their Creative Minds in a Digital Environment

At the beginning of the year, CLO received an invitation from the Design Incubation Program – also known as DIP – to introduce the software to their fashion designers. We also invited the participants to our CLO Hong Kong Public Workshop held the following week. We received an enormous response from participants and decided to collaborate on a project to support the fashion designers in visualizing their collections and implementing CLO into their business. 

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DIP is a two-year program that helps startups from across the fashion world navigate and overcome challenges in the critical early stages of business development.

The program offers financial support, mentorship, and networking opportunities to take fashion designer’s brands to the next level. 

The Hong Kong Design Centre manages DIP, and Create Hong Kong (CreateHK) sponsors the program. CreateHK is a Government agency dedicated to spearheading the development of Hong Kong’s creative industries.

Local emerging brands such as Somewhere Nowhere, Klockwise, Knitwarm, and V Visionary are alumni and current DIP members.

Photo courtesy of Somewherenowhere, Klockwise, and V Visionary.

CLO x DIP Collaboration

We look forward to seeing the development and growth of each brand that we’ve helped with visualizing their collection.

Our collaboration with DIP is divided into two phases. In the first phase, we provide a 3-month trial license and technical support for the DIP Designer of the brand. Fashion designers will have to submit between one to two 3D projects. In the second phase, we want to encourage designers to implement CLO in their current workflow. 

In the initial plan, CLO has come up with a work package such as a case study, implementation plan, on-site visit, and full support from CLO designers in turning their collections into a 3D project. Eventually, brands such as Somewhere Nowhere and Klockwise welcomed the plan and have shown significant results throughout the process.

We also had the opportunity to discover the story behind the brand, their expectations, challenges, and how CLO can help translate their creative minds into a masterpiece. We held an exclusive interview during an on-site visit to hear their story from their perspective. 

Somewhere Nowhere

Photo courtesy of Klockwise

Known as a colorful and whimsical brand, Somewhere Nowhere was established by fashion designers Rex Lo and Elly Cheng. They started the label in London in 2015 after graduating from London College of Fashion in 2012 and then moved the studio to Hong Kong. The original idea of the brand Somewhere Nowhere is to inspire the younger generation to express themselves openly. The brand speaks for anyone who loves exploring color and texture with a dreamy and youthful touch.

Photo courtesy of Klockwise

We discussed the concept behind their unique collection, challenges, and thoughts on how CLO helped them visualize their ideas. 

“We think 3D is innovative and efficient.”

How was your experience learning CLO?

“In the development of our SS22 collection, we were introduced to work and communicate with our manufacturer via digital pattern. Our team is thinking about the CLO workshop which can provide a new solution to visualize our sampling process more effectively especially during the pandemic. 

The workshop has shown us the basic tools and solutions to adopt CLO within our design development. Despite that, the DIP program has a complete understanding of our background as fashion designers. Together with CLO, it will provide the best way to implement CLO in our workflow”

What are the fascinating things you found when using CLO?

“We were so surprised with the ability to visualize and imitate most of the materials that we use in our collection. It’s also very efficient in visualizing product development and reducing material cost and time.”

What is the plan for your brand and what do you want to achieve through CLO and CLO-SET?

“Somewhere Nowhere intends to redesign the production workflow. Therefore, we can continue to work effectively even in challenging and restricting environments. From design to production, it is now possible to work across the internet and reduce traveling. We want to implement CLO in our workflow so that we can reduce time and material cost needed during product development”

Photos courtesy of Somewherenowhere


Photo courtesy of Klockwise

Another brand seen in our exclusive interview is Klockwise. During the studio’s visit, we discovered the story, ideas, and challenges specific to Klockwise. We also learned how to support them better in visualizing their ideas.

Specializing in knitwear with a contemporary touch in every element, Klockwise studio was founded in 2018. Klockwise has been exploring various types of yarns and stitches to create a timeless yet romantic look throughout their collections. 

Klockwise Fashion Designers (Photo courtesy of Klockwise)

“It is about width, height, and depth to demonstrate the different angles of an image or object. ”

How was your experience learning CLO?

“We got to know CLO from DIP and after learning more about CLO, we believe that it can save not only the time in the design process but also the cost of prototypes. Joining CLO’s public workshop and also the collaboration can help us to familiarize the function in CLO and gain more experience in 3D garment design. We also believe that CLO is a good 3D software to increase creativity and productivity in the apparel industry.”

What were the challenges you encountered in your journey? 

“The high cost in sample development is a big challenge we have encountered in our recent journey. Apart from that, Covid affects our retail operation due to the social distancing policy.”

What do you think is the main advantage of using CLO?

“Using CLO actually saves a lot of time in the design process and reduces a lot of the production cost. In designing a collection, it can be visualized which helps to enhance the communication between designers and potential buyers and customers.”

All visuals created by Somewhere Nowhere & Klockwise (Names not listed in order)

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